New Clients

Just wanted to welcome aboard a few new clients since the last post. First is Wade Adams with the best Dermatologists Group in Durham, Central Dermatology. He is a well versed in SEO and a great office manager that has taught me a few things. Next is my old friend Dr David Oliver with Oliver Eye Assoc. let us build their web site and I think it looks great. If you are looking for a great eye doctor in Rock Hill, SC Look him up Next up is Ed with Barnett Management. They are your go to source for unskilled labot in Raleigh and Durham. Fred George is the CEO of TradeIt Stores and has been kind enough to let me run his Text message marketing program. Raleigh’s best selection of used merchandise so go see em and we expect a lot more sales moving forward. A quick shout out to Mark Kelley at Raleigh’s best web design company, Protrack He is my web designer and is one of the best around, call him fast before someone else snatches him up. Here’s to a great 2012 with mobile and text message marketing

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