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I first would like to thank everyone who helped me get my business up and running.  It has been a long  journey but well worth it.   If you don’t know what Raleigh Wi-Fi does let me give you the back story.  After running two retail music stores (cds not guitars) for 17 years I finally had to close my beloved CD Warehouse last year.  It was truly one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do, but life goes on and so do credit reports so I needed a source of  income and fast.  Well, for those who are gainfully employed thank your lucky stars because it is tough out there.   I unfortunately had plenty of time to access where I was and where I needed to be, so I put a lot of thought into my next career.  I really felt passionate about helping local business owners grow their companies and not have to go through closing shop.  The best way to do that in my mind was to help them  market their goods and services through affordable tools like the internet.  It is a great time to be in business because the shift in traditional advertising is shifting  quickly online for small and big companies alike.  That is very empowering for a small guy to be able to compete even on a limited budget.  The more I researched and by that I mean price shopped, the more I realized that Raleigh internet marketing companies will not talk to you unless you have a monthly budget of $500 or more.  I know that is a tremendous amount of loot to pay for a nebulous concept as an “online presence”.   So that’s why my services start at $250 a month and aren’t more then $500 for a more competitive profession like doctors.


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Please stop giving these guys money.

I had done quite a bit of internet marketing for CD Warehouse the past couple of years so I knew it worked.   The tools of the trade are social media, e mail, search engine optimization (SEO) and mobile marketing they are free or very low cost to implement.  I also found a Wi-Fi  platform that has a marketing component that is great for bars, cafes, restaurants and anyplace where people are waiting for a considerable amount of time.  Marketing online for the local business is and will be a huge growth area for the next decade.  I also feel like I can identify and relate with the owners since I’ve been in the trenches.  So if you or you  know anyone that I can help grow their business through the internet, PLEASE let them know about me.  You can reach me at or (919) 649 6279

P.S.  Look around the site and give me some constructive criticism.  Don’t hold back to the critique, I can take it remember I’ve been married for 7 years ;-)


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